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At Home in Utrecht
Real Estate for Internationals

At Home in Utrecht At Home in Utrecht supports Internationals with all real estate matters in greater Utrecht.

Whether you want to (i) find and buy a new home or (ii) sell and market your current place. Furthermore, we help you (iii) invest and/or rent out real estate. We provide comprehensive real estate services, regardless whether you’re acquiring, selling, (dis)investing or leasing a home.

About Sebastiaan

Sebastiaan lives in the heart of Utrecht with his wife Patricia, his sons Hein and Coen and their cat Misty. Sebastian has a sparkling personality as he really radiates a “Joie de Vivre”.

Sebastiaan loves to travel and has stayed abroad many times. He visited over 30 countries and has lived on three different continents. He knows what it’s like stay abroad for a period of time and has also entered new housing markets as an International.

With his open, positive and service-oriented character, he is able to quickly put you at ease and assist you. He is goal oriented and has a winning mentality, which is not necessarily at the expense of others.

Sebastiaan already knows much but remains eager to learn and he likes to understand the ‘why’ of both people and matters. This means that he is broadly educated and has a lot of professional knowledge. He not only educated in real estate but has also graduated in law (LLM). In addition, he has had education and gained extensive work experience in marketing & sales, both domestic and abroad.

Sebastiaan’s passion is helping people. He has gained extensive experience with people from various cultures. In addition to Dutch, he is also fluent in English, French, German and Italian. His favorite holiday destination is the Maremma in Italy (also referred to as ‘Tuscany at sea’) and he enjoys a good white wine and playing vinyl records on his high-end record player (made from Italian olive-tree wood).

Sebastiaan Bakker, AtHomeInUtrecht



met een gemiddelde grootte van 1.9 per huishouden

Vierkante kilometer

Is de oppervlakte van Utrecht stad

‘’I have a fairly good knowledge of people. This enables me to see good combinations (or potential discrepancies) between people and their (future) homes. It helps my customers find a place where they truly feel At Home In Utrecht.’’

Buying a home

At Home In Utrecht sees beyond your current horizon. Your current goal is to ‘get that house’ and make it fit to your needs. I also look beyond these short-term objectives. Buying a house is most likely one of the biggest purchases you have done to date. That means that there are a million things to consider, that you have yet to think of. I provide you with the options for all of those things and if I don’t know them myself then I will who to contact. This way, you make informed decisions. Simply because you don’t buy houses on a daily basis – but I do.
With my skills, I will ensure that your market knowledge is up-to-date. I will inform you about potential homes the moment they are published (or even before). This will guarantee that you can view and compete for the ones you like.
With my background as a lawyer, I will not only ensure that you get the best possible provisions but also that you understand the small print. Meanwhile, I will make sure to ‘translate’ all information into understandable English, French, German or Italian. This ensures that you are fully aware of all necessary information when you put down your signature.

Selling a home

At Home In Utrecht is a VBO-registered Real Estate Agent. As such, I provide full-service on the entire process of selling a house. This includes honest advice on all aspects of the process, such as estimated value, asking price and best strategy. It also encompasses the publication, viewings, negotiations and after-sales support at a civil Notary. And every other aspect of the process that may present itself, whether it was foreseeable or not.
My experience in sales & marketing helps me to publish and market your home perfectly. My brief will not only address selling your home, but it will also consider your personal needs and suggestions. Furthermore, I am constantly in contact with my clients, which basically means that I am 24/7 available.


As a rental agent I guide the client during the entire process of renting out the house. Regardless whether it concerns your own home or an investment object, I will find a suitable tenant for you. Both due to sound people knowledge and to a network in Utrecht and Amsterdam. During the process from A to Z, I represent and protect your interests. Thus, ending in making sure to hand over your keys with a good feeling to that person, who in your home, will feel At Home In Utrecht.
We also ensure that you are aware of the laws and regulations regarding the rental of homes in understandable language. The rental contract is correct down to the last detail, so that you will not be faced with unexpected surprises. This way you will be happy to sign the rental contract.


Please feel free to contact Sebastiaan -without any obligation- for an introductory coffee and to discuss the possibilities. He will meet you often at Møs, the coffee bar in the Vogelenbuurt. As a non-international, you are of course also welcome to contact him and see if he can do something for you in the purchase, sale or rental process of your home.

“I specially enjoy working with foreign people. Getting to know them as a person, their culture and the processes in their country compared to here, makes my world bigger.”

Are you looking for a new home in Utrecht? I would like to get to know you!  I love to find out if your wishes and needs match the properties on the market. Is there currently no suitable offer? Feel free to contact us anyway. A suitable home may soon be on the market!

Sebastiaan Bakker, AtHomeInUtrecht



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